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So, What does El Choclo Mean?

One of the songs set to be performed by the band for the Early Summer concert series is El Choclo, a tango piece by Ángel Villoldo. As with any piece written in a foreign language, the first question is “what does that mean”? The band has been questioning that for weeks now, with the general educated guess that it means chocolate.

We were wrong.

El Choclo is translated “the ear of corn,” and there is debate as to why the piece was named that. The composer’s sister noted this thought:

El choclo” was in fact a tough guy who as well was a pimp that was based in the surroundings of Junín and Lavalle. He was called by that name because of the color of his hair.

However, there are other ideas, as Francisco Garcia Jiménez attributed to the composer:

“Pa’ mi el choclo es lo más rico del puchero.”

Translated: The ear of corn is the tastier thing of a stew for me.

Whatever your thoughts may be as to what the ear of corn refers to, you will love hearing the trumpets wail on this piece throughout the June concerts. Maybe you’d like to be one of those trumpet players doing so, if so join us next Wednesday.


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