Joining Information – Member Testimonies

Joining Information

The Manchester Civic Band welcomes all individuals to join our weekly practices and become members. There is no membership form, no fees, nor sworn obligations, just an interest in music and proficiency on a band instrument. Don’t worry, we use the word proficient in a generous sense. In many cases we have assisted new members in locating instruments, or introduced members to other instruments. Practices are open to all and are Wednesday evenings at 7 or 7:30 PM (varies by season) in the band room at Manchester Senior High School (See Practice Information).  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Member Testimonies

“Manchester Civic Band is a great place me to enjoy the company of other musicians and enjoy musical compositions from all different venues.” –Bryan K. (Baritone)

“When you play with a band like this, you’re in for life.” -Eric B. (French Horn)

“Civic Band is like a day care for my husband.” -Jenn M. (Wife of member)

“From my perspective, Manchester Civic Band has been a very good thing for our family. It has provided my husband with a chance to step back from his busy schedule once a week and spend time doing something he really enjoys, while developing relationships with people in the community that have impacted him greatly. Civic band has been a good thing for me as well, because I know that my husband is going to come back refreshed from his time there, which is encouraging to me. His first words to me when he walks in the door: Band, was amazing!” –Melanie B. (Wife of member)

“It’s cheaper than smoking.” -Nolan M. (Trombone)

Manchester Civic Band Members

You may not expect four former high school classmates to keep in touch, let alone keep close relationships, but the impact of music might just surprise you. In high school these four guys began a quartet group for ensemble contests, in their college years shaped it into a brass band, and in the years following have each joined the Manchester Civic Band. Why? Because with full time jobs and families, they understand the need for music in their lives more than ever. -Bad Dog IV Brass Band